Vacation Bilbe School at LBC

To say that we love VBS at LBC is an understatement. The Lewisburg Baptist Church absolutely loves VBS ! We have over 50 dedicated volunteers ranging from security, teachers, support staff to ensure that we provide the most secure, fun and educational vacation bible school. 

Come one and come all, we would love to have you. This VBS is not just for members. All are welcome, not just Lewisburg but anywhere ! 

Click here to see sign up !

Christy Dempsey, VBS Director

VBS Is who she is ! Her passion is serving the community and educating the youth with the words of our father. VBS is year long for Christy and Jim as well. 

Please contact Christy with and questions or concerns about VBS

Christy Dempsey


C: 937-604-1291