Ministries at Lewisbrug Baptist Church

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  • Discipleship Class

    From 6-7pm on Sunday evenings we gather to learn more about Christ and how we can better apply the Lord's teachings to our daily lives. This class is an open discussion format. All are welcome to join in.

    For those with children, there is also Team Kid for grades K-6, and GLOW for grades 7-12 at this time (during the school year).

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  • Food Bank

    We have food and clothes available for those who are in need.


    Wanda Daniel H: 937-962-4793

  • Flamingos

    The Flamingos are the ladies of the church. Come be apart of the Flamingos today.

  • Alley Church is an after school ministry on Mondays running from 2-4pm.

    Kids are treated to refreshments, recreation, and offered a time of Bible study with a question and answer time.

    Alley Church received its name by the school kids who participate in our after school program because of the entrance to the church through the alley. We are averaging 125-140 kids for food and 55-65 for devotion. Praise the Lord. The level of respect from these kids has increased tremendously in the past few years. We give praise to Jesus and ask for prayer for seeds to be sown and salvation for these kids. Parents are welcome to stop in anytime to see what their children are up to, and what they are learning. We are thankful for the opportunity to minister to these kids, and to help them grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Operation Christmas Child

    A small shoe box can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children's lives all over the world in Jesus' ame through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child.

    For more info click Here.

  • Various Missions Supported

    We also reach out to all corners of the earth by supporting various missions like Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, North American Missions, Greater Dayton Association of Missions, as well as Ohio State Missions.